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Our Classes


We highly encourage registration for classes online or via the Mind Body Connect App.  We ask that you please arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts in order to get checked in and settled into your space.  *If you are registered for a class that is full and/or on a waitlist and do not attend, there will be a $16 no show fee charged to your account.  Barre, Align and Refine, Pilates, and Restorative often will go to a waitlist because they are more limited in space.*

*Please note that we lock the front door during class so arriving on time is very important!*


Our Slow Flow class connects accessible yoga postures with breath and fluid movement in a well-rounded vinyasa practice. With a slower pace, there’s time to explore individual postures so that new students can build confidence and familiarity, while more experienced students can refine fundamentals of alignment.  Modifications are always offered so students can customize their class experience.  Our Slow Flow + Meditation incorporates a 15 minute guided meditation at the end.


Our Warm Flow Vinyasa classes consist of sun salutations, creative and moderately paced sequencing, mindful alignment principles and synchronized breath work. Modifications are always instructed while more experienced practitioners may choose more advanced asanas (poses). Sequencing varies by instructor. These classes are heated to approximately 80 degrees.   Our Warm Flow + Mediation incorporates a 15 minute guided meditation at the end. 


Hot Flow is an invigorating and detoxifying Vinyasa class set at 90+ degrees. Sequencing will vary by instructor and will often incorporate twists, binds, and various standing postures.  Some experience on the mat is recommended.


Power Flow is a more dynamic and vigorous Vinyasa class focused on building strength and deepening your practice. In these classes you’ll work towards more progressive transitions and advanced asanas (poses) such as arm balances, inversions & backbends. Modifications are always instructed while more experienced practitioners may choose more advanced postures. Class is heated to approximately 80 degrees and pace and sequencing will vary by instructor.  60 & 75 Minutes.


Yin Flow is a hybrid class which combines 30 minutes of Yin with a 30 minute Flow. This beautifully balanced practice is layered with a soft landing into long deep meditative stretches which allows us to deepen the connective tissue (Yin) along with a dynamic, strength building vinyasa flow class (Yang). The elements of Yin and Yang in our YINyasa class will help students to develop strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.  Class is non-heated and all levels are welcome.


Think long, static stretchy poses targeting the deep tissues with a focus on relaxation and mindful presence.  Yin is an approachable class for all levels and ages including athletes, beginners, expecting moms, seniors and even the most advanced yogi.
Yin Yoga promotes flexibility and range of motion in areas of our bodies, joints and ligaments where we tend to hold tension (upper and lower back, hips, shoulders, etc.). Yin can also bring additional benefits similar to those of deep tissue massage and is a wonderful balance to our more active Vinyasa practice.


Gentle Yoga is restful and calming class that includes breath work, gentle and flowing movements, and passive and supported postures. This is a perfect beginning yoga class that is also appropriate for those working with injury, limited mobility, or who prefer a softer, gentler approach to yoga. 


This is a great class for anyone who lives with joint and back pain, is recovering from old and new injuries, or just needs to indulge in a little guided flow and relaxation. Restorative Yoga invites the body to experience total relaxation in supported postures using blocks, bolsters and straps. The mind will de-stress while the body gently realigns, leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed. All levels are welcome to bliss out.


Align and Refine yoga focuses on the precise way in which the body should be positioned in each yoga pose in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the pose.  In this class we build on each pose from the inside out with the use of props to build strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and breath awareness and to prevent injury.  This class is suitable for all levels from the beginner to the advanced practitioner.  Non-heated. 75 minutes.


Improve your strength, flexibility, balance and stamina in this new class designed for every BODY, of all ages.  This class combines approachable and gentle yoga postures along with toning barre movements and is also accompanied with light hand weights (optional).  All levels welcome. 


Come see why Pilates is the perfect compliment to Yoga.  This is a mat based class focusing on traditional Pilates movements that will strengthen the core and improve spinal health. We also incorporate various props into the mix such sponge balls, the Pilates Ring, the arc, Thera-bands and small hand weights. Modifications are always offered, making this class accessible and safe for all levels.


Barre is an approachable, safe and effective fitness method for EVERY BODY. Founded on the technique of dance, the mind body aspect of yoga, and the precision and core integration of Pilates, it is proven to increase metabolism, burn fat, lengthen tight muscles, and tone the entire body.  Expect a fun challenge and to leave feeling stronger and calmly energized.  Our Barre + Pilates Fusion classes simply incorporate more Pilates work towards the end of class. 


This small group class incorporates Pilates apparatus that will give you a full body workout by adding resistance using springs and pulleys to help connect, engage and strengthen the core.  This experience will have you feeling stronger, more flexible and standing with improved posture & alignment. 
This class is located at our satellite studio at 1069 Erickson Avenue.  Space is limited to 5 and advance online registration is required. 
Reformer Cancelation Policy:  If you need to cancel it must be within 4 hours of class time or you will be charged for that class. 



The majority of our yoga classes are taught in a warm or heated room, however the temperature varies based on where YOU choose to practice in the studio.  We have a unique way of heating the studio as it isn’t heated by forced air or added humidity but by state of the art, energy efficient heating panels installed in the ceiling. These infrared, radient panels (which feel much like being heated by the sun) heat the body, not the air.  The units themselves are placed intermittently throughout the studio so there is a hotter side (i.e. more panels) and a “cooler” side (fewer to no panels). This means students can decide what heat level they’re comfortable with.  This is a great way to bring warm & heated yoga to all populations based on their bodies, needs and comfort levels.  

**Online registration is highly recommended as classes do fill!**