New to Yoga? At The Nest you will find kind, warm people and a relaxed environment to make you feel comfortable. Bring friends or make friends. We want to make The Nest YOUR studio where you can explore movement and find what so many other yogis have discovered: that yoga is a wonderful practice that leads to peace of mind and a sense of wholeness.

We have yoga classes of all levels and styles; Our Vinyasa Basics, Gentle Yoga and Vinyasa (Slow Flow) classes are geared specifically towards newer yoga students. In these classes you will be introduced to the fundamental postures of Vinyasa yoga, breath work and alignment. Once you are comfortable with these classes you will have the confidence to try any of the other diverse classes on our schedule! Please note that we always offer modifications in ALL of our classes based on students individual needs and abilities.


  • Yoga Mat (We have mats available for a $2 rental fee)
  • Towel (We have hand and mat towels available for a $2 rental fee)
  • Water Bottle (We have water available for purchase)


  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can give you a little tour and get you all settled in and answer any questions you may have. Also please note that we lock the door during class so best to arrive on time!
  • Many of our yoga classes are heated, so please look closely at the schedule when choosing which class is right for you. See below on how we heat our studio.
  • Prepare to be barefoot! We have a designated cubby area for your shoes and personal belongings.
  • It is typical for some teachers to perform hands-on assists to students. If you are uncomfortable with this in any way, just let your instructor know.
  • If you have any health concerns, current and/or past injuries, or are pregnant, please advise your instructor before class. You will also be required to sign an online waiver before class.




The majority of our yoga classes are taught in a warm or heated room. We refrain from calling any of our classes “HOT” as it’s really up to you as to how warm or “hot” you want to be based on the unique way in which we heat our studio. Our studio isn’t heated by forced air or added humidity but by state of the art, energy efficient heating panels installed in the ceiling. These infrared, radient panels (which feel much like being heated by the sun) heat the body, not the air. We’ve placed the units intermittently throughout the studio so there is a hotter side (i.e. more panels) and a “cooler” side (fewer to no panels). This means students can decide what heat level they’re comfortable with. This is a great way to bring hot / heated yoga to all populations based on their bodies, needs and comfort levels. And it just feels GOOD!